Award for the Best Paper on competition economics

Each year ACE's academic group of the steering committee attributes an award for the best paper on competition economics. The first prize was awarded in 2008/9.

The aims of the award are to promote research in competition economics and recognition for excellence both in theoretical and empirical analysis in this important area of economic policy and to encourage members to stay up to date with the best research.

The award will be EUR1000 and will be given annually at the ACE conference.

Only papers published in the previous calendar year are eligible. Working papers are not eligible until properly published. Preference is given to publications in refereed journals, although publications in non-refereed journals are not excluded. Relevant elements for the selection are: potential contribution for formulation and actual implementation of competition policy, creativity and originality, and complexity of the matter under analysis. Papers co-authored by members of the Steering Committee of ACE are not eligible.

The winner will be announced at the ACE annual conference, and is invited to present her/his paper, with travel and accommodation expenses paid by ACE. In case of a joint paper, the award will be split equally among the authors and they will be invited to designate one for attending the ACE annual meeting and presenting their joint work.