Steering Committee

The Association's steering committee is made up of representatives from Academia, Government and Business. They are: 



Julie Bon (CMA – Competition and Markets Authority) 01.01.19-31.12.21
Antonio Butta (AGCM – Italian Competition Authority) 01.01.19-31.12.21
Hans Zenger (DG Competition) 01.01.20-31.12.22
Ana Sofia Rodrigues (AdC - Portuguese Competition Authority) 01.01.18-31.12.20


Adina Claici (The Brattle Group) 01.01.19-31.12.21
Kirsten Edwards-Warren (CompassLexecon) 01.01.19-31.12.21
Marc Ivaldi (NERA Economic Consulting) 01.01.20-31.12.22
Ethel Fonseca (RBB Economics) 01.01.20-31.12.22


Tomaso Duso (DIW Berlin) 01.01.19-31.12.21
Helena Perrone (University of Mannheim) 01.01.20-31.12.22
Thomas Rønde (Copenhagen Business School) 01.01.20-31.12.22
Yossi Spiegel (Tel Aviv University) 01.01.19-31.12.21