2007 Annual Conference

ACE 2007 Conference in Toulouse

Time: November 29-30 2007
Place: University of Toulouse, France

Below you find the programme and the presentations for the 2007 annual conference of the Association for Competition Economics.

The programme included a plenary session on buyer power, nine (3x3) parallel sessions on cases and issues of general concern for competition economics as well as a keynote speech by Chief Economist Damien Neven of DG Competition. The nine parallel sessions covered:

  • Article 82 (predation): Wanadoo
  • Horizontal Mergers: The salmon case (a French and UK case)
  • SvitzerWijsmuller
  • Article 82 (predation): Glaxo
  • Mergers: Ryanair/Aer Lingus
  • Excessive prices and switching costs: Banks in Hungary (OTP Bank)
  • Article 82 (bundling): Microsoft
  • Vertical merger and raising rival's costs: EWF/Marcroft
  • Coordinated effects: Sony/BMG



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