ACE 2008 Presentations

ACE 2008 Presentations

Below you find the presentations made at the 6th annual conference of the Association of Competition Economics on November 27-28, 2008 at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. 

Plenary Welcome Session

Welcome address: Tihamér Tóth, Chairman of the Competition Council of the Hungarian Competition Authority 

Panel I: TomTom / Tele Atlas

Vertical merger which tested new Commission non-horizontal merger guidelines

Chair: Amelia Fletcher, OFT, GB 

Raphaël De Coninck, European Commission, EU 

TomTom / Tele Atlas

David Sevy, LECG, FR 

A Vertical Merger in motion: TomTom/Tele Atlas

Matthew Johnson, Oxera, GB 

TomTom/Tele Atlas: navigating DG COMP’s decision

Patrick Rey, TSE and IDEI, FR 

TomTom - Tele Atlas: competition concerns

Panel II: BskyB / ITV

Partial acquisition and competitive assessment in a two-sided market

Chair: Lars Sorgard, Norvegian Competition Authority and Norwegian School of Economics, N 

Nicola Mazzarotto, CC, GB 

BSkyB/ITV: Competition in broadcasting and the effects of the acquisition

Zoltan Biro, Frontier, GB 

Assessing the competitive implications of partial ownership

Patrick Waelbroeck, Telecom Paristech, FR 


Panel III: Toys

Resale at a loss banning, RPM and price monitoring

Chair: Alena Zemplinerova, CERGE, Prague, CZ 

Nadine Mouy, CC, FR 

Retail Price Maintenance: The Toys Case

Antoine Chapsal, Mapp, FR 

Marie-Laure Allain, Ecole Polytechnique, FR 

Toys case: perspective on the French resale-below cost law

Panel IV: Google / Double Click

Defining the relevant antitrust market for merger review

Chair: Konrad Stahl, University of Mannheim, D 

Google DoubleClick: Defining the Relevant Antitrust Markets for Merger Review

Konrad Stahl, University of Mannheim, D 


Andrea Lofaro, RBB, GB 

Google/Double Click: The search for a theory of harm

Andrea Lofaro, RBB, GB 

Google/DoubleClick: The search for a theory of harm, Part 2

Hans Friederiszick, Competition Policy Unit, ESMT, Berlin, D 

Google – Doubleclick: A complainant’s perspective

Panel V: Direct Energie

Margin squeeze on the French electricity market

Chair: Mark Williams, NERA, GB and B 

Simon Genevaz, Conseil de la concurrence, FR 

Remedying A Margin Squeeze In Electricity Wholesale and Mass Retail Markets: The Direct Energie Commitments

David Spector, MAPP, FR 

Assessing margin squeeze cases: Should the willingness-to-be-squeezed be taken into account? A discussion of Direct Energie vs EDF

Claude Crampes, TSE, IDEI, Fr 

Use and abuse of legal procedure: Direct Energie vs. EDF

Panel VI: Mondi / Dunapack

A merger between paper bag producers in Hungary: delineation of the regional market and evaluation of potential competition

Chair: Laszlo Szakadat, Hungarian Competition Authority, H 

Gergely Csorba, Hungarian Competition Authority, H 

Geographic market definition between national and EU level: Some questions raised in the Mondi/Dunapack Merger (Vj-159/2007)

Dan Gore, RBB, GB 

Empirical methods in geographic market definition: Lessons from Mondi / Dunapack

Gabor Kezdi, Central European University, H 

Defining the Geographic Market in the Mondi - Dunapack Merger Case: Comments

Panel VII: PT/ Sonaecom

Assessing the impact of mergers in the telecommunications sector

Chair: Natalia Fabra, University Carlos III, Madrid, SP 

Guilio Federico, CRAI, Barcelona and London, SP and UK 

Sonae/PT: Implications for fixed-line markets

Fernando Jimenez, NERA, Madrid, SP 

Sonaecom/ PT: Merger in the mobile telephony market

Steffen Hoernig, Univ Nova de Lisboa, PT 

PT/Sonaecom: Mobile remedies & Welfare

Joao Azevedo, OECD Paris, FR 

The proposed Sonaecom/Portugal Telecom merger: A general presentation of a textbook merger


Assessment of the relevant geographic market for a plastic resin. The impact of imports on a national market

Chair: Marc Ivaldi, TSE, IDEI, FR 

Ian Small, CRAI, UK 


Miguel de la Mano, European Commission CET, EU 

M.4734 Ineos/Kerling: A story of an empirical exercise

Frank Verboven, UK Leuven, B 

INEOS – KERLING: Assessment of the relevant geographi market for a plastic resin. The impact of imports on a national market

Panel IX: Lemvigh-Müller / Brdr. A & O Johansen

Coordinated effects in a wholesale market

Chair: Svend Albæk, European Commission, EU 

Søren Gaard, Danish Competition Authority, DK 

Coordinated effects in a market with a very large number of products

Peter Møllgaard, Copenhagen Business School, DK 

Transparency and coordinated effects: How?

Hans Keiding, University of Copenhagen, DK


Takeover of A&O Johansen (AOJ) by Lemvigh-Müller (LM)

Round Table on “Economic evidence in competition policy cases”

Chair: Massimo Motta, University of Bologna and EUI, Italy 

Economic evidence in competition cases: Introduction

John Fingleton, OFT, UK 

Miguel de la Mano, European Commission, CET, EU 

A theory on the use of economic evidence in competition policy cases

Frédéric Jenny, Cour de Cassation, FR