ACE Conference 2005 in Copenhagen

The ACE 2005 Annual Conference was organized by the Centre of Industrial Economics, Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen, 1-2 December 2005.
The programme included a plenary session on state aid policy, nine (3x3) parallel sessions on cases and issues of general concern for competition economics as well as closing remarks by EU Commissioner for competition, Nellie Kroes. The nine parallel sessions covered:

1)       The Oracle/Peoplesoft Merger

2)       Collective dominance in mobile telecoms

3)       The Coca-Cola Case

4)       Merger simulation: Somerfield/Morrison & Nuon/Reliant

5)       Parallel trade in pharmaceuticals

6)       Virtual capacity as a remedy in electricity mergers

7)       State aid issues in postal markets

8)       Canal+

9)       Enforcement valuations - Damages and ex-post evaluation.

Speakers included commissioner Nellie Kroes, chief economist Lars-Hendrik Röller, Janusz Ordover (New York University), Patrick Rey (U. Tolouse), Matthias Dewatripont (ULB), director of the Danish Competition Authority Finn Lauritzen, and Derek Ridyard (RBB). 

Conference website and programme