ACE 2009 presentations

Below you will find the presentations for the 7th annual ACE meeting, which took place at ESMT in Berlin 26-27 November 2009. 

Welcome address: Lars-Hendrik Röller, President ESMT

Keynote Speech: Christian Ewald, Bundeskartellamt: Organizing Economists in Competition Law Enforcement; Varying Solutions - Constant Changes 

Panel I: Exchange of Information: The Bank Case in Israel

Chair: Yossi Spiegel, Tel Aviv University, Israel 


Boaz Golan and Shlomi Parizat, Israel Antitrust Authority, Israel 

Facilitating Practices in the Israeli Retail Banking Sector

Menachem Perlman, Perlman & Co., Israel 

Israel Antitrust Authority v. Bank Hapoalim et al. – Exchange of information

Kai-Uwe Kühn, University of Michigan, USA 

"Information exchange" in the Israeli banking sector

Panel II: Ticketmaster-Live Nation: Beyond vertical issues

Chair: Helen Jenkins, Oxera, UK 

Ticketmaster-Live Nation

Paul Hutchinson, OFT, UK 

Ticketmaster - Live Nation

Rachel Webster, Frontier Economics, UK 

Marc Ivaldi, Toulouse School of Economics, France 

Live Nation / Ticketmaster – some comments from outside the case

Panel III: Termination Calls

Chair: Peter Davis 

Andrea Coscelli, Ofcom, UK 

Regulating Mobile Call Termination Rates

Patrick Rey, Toulouse School of Economics, France 

Termination calls

Mike Walker, CRAI, UK 

Some thoughts on the future of call termination regulation

Panel IV: Project Kangaroo – A JV in the Pay TV Sector

Chair: Lars Sørgard, Norwegian School of Economics, Norway 

Nicola Mazzarotto, Competition Commission, UK 

Project Kangaroo: the CC’s analysis and decision

Zoltan Biro, Frontier Economics, UK 

Project Kangaroo

Bruno Jullien, Toulouse School of Economics, France 

The Kangaroo Project

Panel V: The German Cement Cartel – Econometric Assessment of Damage and Computation of Fines

Chair: Benoit Durand, RBB, Belgium 

Christian Ewald and Christian Bongard, Bundeskartellamt, Germany 

The German Cement Cartel

Hans W. Friederiszick, ESMT Competition Analysis, Germany 

Overcharge Estimation in the Cement Industry

Ulrich Schwalbe, University of Hohenheim, Germany 

The German Cement Cartel

Panel VI: Rebates – Practical Implementations in Recent Cases (Intel)

Chair: Konrad Stahl, University of Mannheim, Germany 

Intel and rebates

Claes Bengtsson, DG Competition, EC 

INTEL – afterthoughts

Giulio Federico, CRAI, UK and IESE, Spain 

The Intel Decision: Some Economic Remarks

Adrian Majumdar, RBB, Belgium 

Intel / AMD

Massimo Motta, ICREA-Univ. Pompeu Fabra and Barcelona GSE, Spain 

Exclusionary rebates: A note on Intel


Chair: Svend Albæk, DG Competition, EC 

James Kavanagh, Oxera, UK 

BAGS v AMRAC: the case of AMRAC

Bill Bishop, CRAI, UK 

BAGS v AMRAC – Exclusionary entry, sponsored entry and entry assistance: are they legitimate concepts in antitrust?

Philippe Février, Crest-Lei, France 

BAGS / AMRAC: Concluding remarks

Panel VIII: Campina / Friesland

Chair: David Sevy, LECG, France  

Szabolcs Lorincz, DG Competition, EC 

The Campina / Friesland merger case – an overview

Matthijs Visser, RBB, Netherlands 

Friesland Foods / Campina

John Thanassoulis, Oxford University, UK 

Friesland Foods / Campina – An Academic’s Point Of View

Panel IX: Temporary Work

Chair: Laurent Flochel, CRAI, France 

Valérie Meunier, Autorité de la concurrence, France 

Temporary Work: An evaluation of economic harm

Francesco Rosati, RBB, Belgium 

A quasi-natural experiment to estimate cartel effects. The Case of Temporary Workers in France

Sébastien Roux, INSEE-CREST, France 

Discussion – Temporary Work: Evaluation of Economic Harm

Round table: Assessment of Competitive Damages

Chair: Lars-Hendrik Röller, ESMT, Berlin 

Raphaël de Conink, DG Competition, EC 

Assessment of Damages for the Breach of EC Antitrust Rules

Helen Jenkins, Oxera, UK 

Quantification of damages

Jorge Padilla, LECG, Spain 

Competition Damages: Empirical Challenges

Peter Møllgaard, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark 

Non-price effects in the calculation of damages

William E. Kovacic, Federal Trade Commission, USA 

Damages in U.S. Antitrust Cases: The Increasing Centrality of Economics

Best Paper of the Year Award

James Bushnell, Erin Mansur and Celeste Saravia 

Vertical Arrangements, Market Structure and Competition: An Analysis of US Restructured Electricity Markets