Ace 2006 in Mannheim

ACE 2006 Conference in Mannheim

Time: Thursday 30 November/Friday 1 December 2006
Place: University of Mannheim (ZEW, L 7,1 D-68161 Mannheim)

Below you find the programme and the presentation for the 2006 annual conference of the Association for Competition Economics.

The programme included a plenary session on excessive pricing, re-regulating liberalised sectors, and the limits of competition policy and nine (3x3) parallel sessions on cases and issues of general concern for competition economics. The nine parallel sessions covered:

  • Article 82 - Tomra, abuse and rebates
  • Deutsche Telekom/VDSL
  • Stock Exchanges
  • French Mobile Cartel Case
  • Boots-Unichem
  • Mergers in the energy sector
  • Israeli Visa Interchange Case
  • Kornsaes/AD Cartonboard and Buyer Power Issues
  • Sasol/Engen and Vertical Mergers

ACE 2006 Programme

ACE 2006 Presentations