ACE 2010 Conference in Norwich

ACE 2010 presentations

Below you will find the presentations for the 8th annual ACE meeting, which took place at the ESRC Center for Competition Policy at the University of East Anglia (UEA) in the UK on 11-12 November 2010.

Introduction: Dr. Peter Davis, President ACE.

Welcome:  Professor Catherine Waddams, Director, Center for Competition Policy, UEA.

Introductory Address:  HM Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk Richard Jewson Esq. 

Plenary session: The role of UPP in Merger Evaluation

Chair: Dr. Peter Davis, CC 

Professor Joe Farrell, FTC and University of Berkeley 

Professor Ariel Pakes, Harvard University 

UPP Screening: Some Pro's and Con's.

Dr. Amelia Fletcher, OFT 

UPP: Up and away?

Panel 1: Article 101: Oneworld Airline Alliance.

Chair: Dean Paul Dobson, University of East Anglia 

Dr. Gregory K. Leonard, NERA Economic Consulting 

UPP and Merger Simulation

Dr. Manuel Godinho de Matos and Dr. Szabolcs Lorincz
DG Competition, European Commission  

Oneworld Airline Alliance

Professor Jan Brueckner, University of California, Irvine 

The Economics of Airline Alliances, with an Application to the Oneworld Case.

Dr. Benoit Durand, RBB 

Oneworld alliance: The Commission's investigation under Article 101 TFEU

Panel II: Mergers: Convertible car-top production: Edscha/Webasto and karmann/Magna

Chair: Professor Konrad Stahl, University of Mannheim 

Dr. Christian Ewald, Bundeskartellamt 

4-to-3? Feel free! But 3-to-2 can't do!

Professor Theo Normann, Goethe University, Frankfurt 

Dr. Rainer Nitsche, ESMT Competition Analysis 

Panel III: Merger: Yellow Pages Netherlands/De Telefoongids

Chair: Professor Maarten Pieter Schinkel, Amsterdam 

Dr. Ron G.M. Kemp, Netherlands Competition Authority  

Merger Telefoongids - Gouden Gids. A merger to monopoly?

Dr. Matthijs Visser, RBB 

Professor Lapo Filistrucchi, Tilburg University 

Panel IV: Article 102: Qualcomm and Rambus

Chair: Professor Massimo Motta, Barcelona 

Dr. Mario Marinello, Competition DB, European Commission 

Professor Gerard Llobet, Cemfi and LECG 

Professor Patrick Rey, Toulouse School of Economics 

Panel V: Kraft/Cadbury and the role of econometrics in Competition Policy

Chair: Professor Marc Ivaldi, Toulouse School of Economics 

Dr. Hugh Wills (CRA) 

Dr. Alejandro Requejo (LECG) 

Professor Howard Smith, Oxford 

Panel VI: Market Inquiry: UK Groceries market and The Competition Test

Chair: Professor Lars Sørgard, NHH, Bergen 

Dr. David Parker,  Frontier Economics 

The Groceries Remittal Decision.

Professor Greg Crawford, University of Warwick 

Market Inquiry: UK Groceries Market and The Competition Test

Dr. Nicola Mazzaroto (CC) 

Panel VII: Article 102: Tine/SynnÝve Finden

Chair: Professor Peter Møllgaard, Copenhagen Business School 

Professor Nils-Henrich Mørch von der Fehr, University of Oslo 

The TINE Case: Regulation, Price Formation and Dominance.

Professor Tommy S. Gabrielsen, University of Bergen 

The Tine Case - the question of dominance.

Professor Morten Hviid (CCP) 

Market definition in the light of Government intervention.

Panel VIII: Article 101: Interchange fees - "Bank case"

Chair: Professor Buno Jullien, Toulouse School of Economics 

Dr. Cédrik Nouel de Buzonniére, Autorité de la Concurrence 

Marianne Verdier, University of Nanterre 

Dr. David Sevy, LECG 

Panel IX: Spanish sugar cartel

Chair: Professor Anne Perrot (Autorité de la Concurrence) 

Dr. Fernando Jimenez (NERA) 

Demages of the sugar cartel in Spain

Dr. Nadine Watson (LECG) 

The Spanish sugar cartel

Dr. Peter Davis (Competition Commission) 

Plenary Session: State Aid: In Banking Roundtable

Chair: Mark Williams (NERA) 

Dr. Stan Maes, Competition DG, European Commission 

State aid in banking Financial Crisis 2007-2010

Professor Bruce Lyons, University of East Anglia 

ACE Roundtable on State Aid to Banks

Dr. Helen Jenkins, Oxera 

The relationship between competition and stability: implications for remedy design.

Dr. Lorenzo Coppi, CRA