ACE 2011 Conference in Bergen

ACE 2011 Conference in Bergen

Time: Thursday/Friday 17-18 November 2011
Place: Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in Norway.

Below you will find the programme and the presentations from the 2011 annual conference of the Association for Competition Economics.

The programme included a plenary session on Reflections on Economics in Competition Policy, eight (4x2) parallel sessions on cases and issues of general concern for competition economics, and a plenary/round table session on Code of Conduct.  The eight parallel sessions covered:

  • Retail Gasoline Study (Germany)
  • Economics of Bus Markets (UK, France, other)
  • Sasol
  • Rio/BHP - aborted 101 "merger"
  • Unilever/Sara Lee
  • Merger control - local vs national markets (Norway)
  • Dutch Mortgage Market Pricing
  • Lafarge Perlmooser/Strabag (cement merger, Austria)

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