ACE 2011 Presentations

ACE 2011 presentations

Below you will find the presentations for the 9th annual ACE meeting, which took place at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in Bergen, Norway on 17-18 November 2011.

Introduction: Dr. Miguel de la Mano, President ACE.

Welcome Address:  Dr. Christine B. Meyer, Director General, Norwegian Competition Authority. 

Plenary session:  Reflections on Economics in Competition Policy.

Chair: Dr. Miguel de la Mano, President ACE 

Professor Kai-Uwe Kühn, Chief Economist, DG Comp. 

Session 1b:  Retail Gasoline Study (Germany)

Chair: Professor Patrick Rey, Toulouse School of Economics 

Dr. Christian Ewald, Bundeskartellamt 

Tacit collusion at the pump?

Dr. Hans Friederiszick, E.CA Economics GmbH 

Competitive assessment of price cycles in German retail gasoline markets.

Professor Kai Hüschelrath, WHU/ZEW 

Session 1c:  Economics of Bus Markets (UK, France, other)

Chair: Professor Marc Ivaldi, Toulouse School of Economics 

Director Peter Lukacs, Office of Fair Trading 

Local bus services in the UK

Dr. Gunnar Niels, Oxera 

Competition ‘on the road’ or ‘for the market’?

Professor Philippe Gagnepain, University of Paris 

Competition and Regulation in Local Bus Services

Session 2a: Sasol

Chair: Professor Tommy Gabrielsen, University of Bergen 

Dr. Simon Roberts, SA Competition Commission 

Sasol fertilizer

Dr. Robert Stillmann, Charles River Associates 

Sasol Fertilizer. An alternative explanation

Professor Bruno Jullien, Toulouse School of Economics 

Session 2b:  Rio/BHP - aborted 101 "merger"

Chair: Professor Bruce Lyons, University of East Anglia 

Dr. Miguel de la Mano, DG Comp. 

Manager Julia Dietrich, Frontier Economics 

Planned BHP Billiton/Rio Tinto Western Australian iron ore JV. The customers’ perspective

Dr. Simon Bishop, RBB Economics 

Dr. Valter Sorana, Charles River Associates 

Session 3a: Unilever/Sara Lee

Chair: Professor Otto Toivanen, University of Leuven 

Dr. Szabolcs Lorincz, DG Comp. 

Dr. Nadine Watson, Compass Lexecon 

Dr. Ian Small, Charles River Associates 

Session 3b: Merger control - local vs national markets (Norway)

Chair: Professor Peter Møllgaard, Copenhagen Business School 

Merger Control Local v. national markets

Dr. Jostein Skaar, Norwegian Competition Authority 

Professor Lars Sørgard, Norwegian School of Economics 

Local vs national markets

Harald Selte, Senior Economist, BAHR 

Norwegian retail mergers

Session 4a:  Dutch Mortgage Market Pricing

Chair:  Professor Maarten Pieter Schinkel, University of Amsterdam 

Dutch Mortgage Market Pricing

Dr. Gülbahar Tezel, Netherlands Competition Authority 

Market Study Dutch Mortgage Market

Dr. Marco Haan, University of Groningen 

Dutch Mortgage Market Pricing On the NMa report

Chief economist Wim Boonstra, Rabobank 

The NMa on the Dutch market for residential mortgages. High concentration = weak competition?

Session 4b: Lafarge Perlmooser/Strabag (Cement merger, Austria)

Chair: Dr. Gergely Csorba, Hungarian Competition Authority 

Dr. Rainer Nitsche, E.CA Economics 

Professor Antoine Chapsal, MAPP 

Professor Frode Steen, Norwegian School of Economics