ACE 2013 Conference in Brussels

ACE 2013 Conference in Brussels

 Time: Friday/Saturday 13-14 December, 2013
 Place: Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium

Below you will find the programme and presentations from the 2013 annual conference of the Association of Competition Economics.

The programme included a Keynote Lecture by Massimo Motta (Chief Economist, DG Comp), nine parallel sessions on cases and issues of general concern for competition economics, and a plenary discussion on IP and Competition Law (Patent Wars).

The nine parallel sessions covered:

      •  Universal/EMI (DG COMP)
      •  Barr/Britvic (UK)
      •  State Aid and Regional Airports
      •  E-books/Online Platforms
      •  On-net/Off-net (France)
      •  Pay-for-delay/Lundbeck (DG COMP)
      •  Minority Shareholdings
      •  A-Pressen/Edda Media (Norway)
      •  Outokumpu/Inoxum (DG COMP)

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