ACE 2013 presentations

Below you will find some of the presentations for the 11th annual ACE meeting, which took place at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels on 13-14 December, 2013. 

Session I-B:  Barr/Britvic (UK)
Chair: Peter Davis (Compass Lexecon)

Frank Verboven (University of Leuven)

Session I-C:  State Aid and Regional Airports
Chair: Alexis Walckiers (Belgian Competition Authority)

Vincent Verouden (DG COMP, CET)

Bruce Lyons (University of East Anglia, CCP)

Session II-A: E-books/Online Platforms
Chair: Thibaud Vergé (CREST)

Giulio Federico (DG COMP, CET)

Amelia Fletcher (University of East Anglia)

Session II-B: On-net/Off-net (France)
Chair: Andrea Coscelli (Competition and Markets Authority)

Patrick Rey (Toulouse School of Economics)

Session II-C: Pay-for-delay/Lundbeck
Chair: Jan Bouckaert (University of Antwerp)

Jan Bouckaert (University of Antwerp)

Bruno Jullien (Toulouse School of Economics)

Session III-A: Minority Shareholdings
Chair: Marco Becht (ULB)

Konrad Stahl (University of Mannheim)

Session III-B:  A-Pressen / Edda Media (Norway)
Chair: Lars Sørgard (NHH Bergen)

Lars Sørgard (NHH Bergen)

Roar Gjelsvik (The Norwegian Competition Authority)

Asbjørn Englund (Oslo Economics)

Lapo Filistrucchi (University of Florence and TILEC

Session III-C: Outokumpu / Inoxum (DG COMP)
Chair: Peter Møllgaard (Copenhagen Business School)

Peter Møllgaard (Copenhagen Business School)

Thomas Buettner (DG COMP, CET)

Panel discussion - IP and Competition Law (Patent Wars)
Chair: Mario Mariniello (Bruegel)

Lorenzo Coppi (Compass Lexecon)

Patrick Legros (Université Libre de Bruxelles)