ACE 2014 presentations

Below you will find some of the presentations for the 12th annual ACE conference, which took place at the Mannheim Centre for Competition and Innovation (MaCCI), University of Mannheim and ZEW on 5-6 December, 2014.

Parallel Sessions I

Mobile telephony mergers: Telefonica/E-plus
Chair: Ana Sofia Rodrigues, Portuguese Competition Authority 

Benno Buehler, DG Competition

Rainer Nitsche/Lars Wiethaus, E.CA

Online hotel bookings
Chair: Alexis Walckiers, Belgian Competition Authority 

Sara Buccino/Christian Ewald, BKartA

Bojana Ignjatovic, RBB

Martin Peitz, University of Mannheim

Audit Services Market Investigation
Chair: Alex Baker, Fingleton Associates 

Alex Baker, Fingleton Associates

Marie Clark (CMA), Robin Finer (FCA), Caitlin Wilkinson (KPMG)

Amelia Fletcher, University of East Anglia

Parallel Sessions II

Chair: David Parker, Frontier Economics 

Francesco DeCarolis, Boston University

State aid in the energy sector
Chair:  David Spector, Paris School of Economics and MAPP 

Geza Sapi, DG Competition

Felix Hoeffler, University of Cologne

GIS Damages
Chair: Benoît Durand, RBB 

James Kavanagh, Oxera

Parallel Sessions III

Retail Food Sector Inquiry
Chair: Niels Frank, Lademann Associates 

Christian Ewald/Matthias Freund, BKartA

Philipp Schmidt-Dengler, University of Vienna

Mergers with failing firms: Ultralase/Optimax (UK and Jysk/ID Design (Denmark)
Chair: Bruce Lyons, University of East Anglia 

Kate Collyer/Massimo Tognoni, Competition and Markets Authority (UK)

Thomas Rønde, Danish Competition Authority 

Peter M°llgaard, Copenhagen Business School

Thibaud Verge, ENSAE 

Frederic Palomino, Compass Lexecon

Bruno Jullien, University of Toulouse

Panel Discussion:
Effects-based analysis of exclusionary pricing practices - back to square one?
Chair: Konrad Stahl, University of Mannheim

Kai-Uwe Kühn, University of Michigan 

Chiara Fumagalli, Bocconi University

Adrian Majumdal, RBB

Discussant: Aviv Nevo, Northwestern University 

Best Paper Award