ACE 2015 Presentations

ACE 2015 Presentations

Below are some of the presentations at the 13th annual ACE conference at Bocconi University in Milan 27-28 November, 2015.

Keynote lecture:
"Quantitative techniques, efficiencies and remedies: what have we learned from recent mobile mergers, and lessons for future cases"
Chair: M. Ottaviani (Bocconi) 

Massimo Motta (Chief Economist, DG Competition, and U. Pompeu Fabra)

Parallel Sessions I

Ex-post studies on mergers/entry in mobile markets
Chair: Bojana Ignjatovic (RBB) 

Anton Schwarz/Georg Ecker (Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications)

Luca Aguzzoni (DG Competition)

Tommaso Valletti (Imperial College)

Horizontal Agreements and Sustainability. Dutch cases on "sustainability defence"
Chair: Natalia Fabra (U. Carlos III) 

Erik Kloosterhuis (ACM, Netherlands)

Theon van Dijk (Lexonomics)

Maarten Pieter Schinkel (U. of Amsterdam)

EDEKA/Kaiser's Tengelmann. Prohibited supermarket merger in Germany
Chair: Gunnar Niels (Oxera) 

Arndt Christiansen (Bundeskartellamt)

Hans Friederiszick (E.Ca)

Parallel Sessions II

Hotel Bookings. The French and Swedish perspective.
Chair: Alexis Walckiers (Belgian Competition Authority) 

Laure Schultz (French Competition Authority)

Jakob Jeanrond (Swedish Competition Authority)

Helene Bourguignon (MAPP)

Pierre Regibeau (CRA)

Liberty/Ziggo and Liberty/De Vijer.
Phase II cable mergers in Netherlands and Belgium.
Chair: Paolo Buccirossi (LEAR) 

Thomas Buettner (DG Competition)

Gareth Shier (OXERA)

Gregory Crawford (U. of Zurich)

Phase II coffee merger at European level 

Chair: Andrea Pozzi (IEFE)

Szabolcs Lorincz (DG Competition)

Parallel Sessions III

Poundland/99p stores
Phase II retail merger in the UK
Chair: Alex Baker (Fingleton Associates) 

Kate Collyer (UK Competition & Markets Authority)

David Parker (Frontier Economics)

Phase II mobile telephony merger in Norway
Chair: Lars Sørgard (Norwegian School of Economics) 

Katrine Holm Reiso (Norwegian Competition Authority)

Bjørn Olav Johansen (U. of Bergen)

Jostein Skaar (Oslo Economics)

Newspaper predation case in South Africa
Chair: T. Ronde (Danish Competition Authority) 

Robin Rander (Compass Lexecon)

Giacomo Calzolari (U. of Bologna)

Panel Discussion:

The Use and Misuse of Economics in Merger Control (10+ years after the 2004 Regulation)
Chair: Giulio Federico (DG Competition) 

Bruce Lyons (U. of East Anglia)