Welcome to the homepage of the Association of Competition Economists (ACE)

ACE was created in 2003 and brings together competition economists working in government, academia and the private sector. It provides a forum for discussion and debate on policies and specific cases. It is a not-for-profit organization based in Europe and is open to all those interested in the economics of competition. 

The main activity of ACE is the annual conference but the Association also encourages local conferences and workshops. 

This year's ACE conference will be taking place virtually on the 19th and 20th of November

Check the ACE 2020 conference programme here: https://www.competitioneconomics.org/dyn/files/basic_items/814-file/ACE%202020%20programme%20final.pdf.

The links below take you directly to the conference broadcast. Please note that the first time you sign in you will be asked to register.

19th November: https://kvgo.com/openexc/ace-virtual-conference-november-19

20th November: https://kvgo.com/openexc/ace-virtual-conference-november-20